Saturday, July 12, 2008

Baby Skybax


Character: A hatchling skybax who receives the aid of Alex (a former Skybax rider) to learn the ways of flight.

Puppet: The beack opens and closes with a lever disguised as one of his tiny feet. The wings have joints of armature wire, and are unfolded and the puppet hung by a harness to a balanced suspended rod. The puppeteer (flying high herself on silks) gives him a push and away he goes, circling high above the heads of the audience.



Character: This skybax was injured in an accident due to its reckless rider, Alex. It is now nest ridden and needs help training its hatchling, Nimbus, to fly.

Puppet: Just a head on a stick. A mechanism enables to mouth to open and close.



Character: He's cute, he's sick, he's a little paffetic . . . but that's kind of the point.

Puppet: Operated through a hole in the side of his torso and up though the neck.


The top secret Archeopteryx project. This bird-like dino actually doesn't yet have a place in the production, but we're working on it.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

He's big, he's scary, he's... hungry. He's not evil. He just wants to eat your fish, and wants to eat them NOW!!

Puppet: This sucker was a 5 foot long head when complete... a hidden puppeteer can open and close the jaw with a hinged mechanism. Rather unwieldy... but an AWESOME effect!



Character: The oldest, everyone defers to him. He tells the story of the lilies of the field and the peacemaker sending out the disciples. A bit gruff . . . sounds like Sean Connery.

Puppet: Just a head operated by hand from behind.



Character: Equally as curious as Denison, but a bit more grounded and less excitable. She wants to find the roots of Dinotopia. She is also a diplomat and ambassador. She is concerned that the lasting peace of Dinotopia is getting less sure and hopes that through exploration and contact with others, more understanding and love can flourish.

Puppet: The head is cast latex and operated by the puppeteer though a hole in the torso.